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Welcome to the Anti-Aging and Longevity Institute (AALI)

Dr. Tuakli Aging is a natural process and a fact of life.  Our goal at the Institute is to empower you to take charge of your aging process and overall health.  It is possible to decelerate the aging process and with the right program you can slow down and reverse many of the effects of aging!

Dr. Nadu Tuakli, Director of the AALI, is a board certified specialist who practices Anti-Aging and Preventive Medicine, she designs an individual program based on a nutrition assessment, laboratory tests, and examination.  AALI will help you navigate the most effective nutritional and vitamin therapies, and the latest advances in bio-identical hormone treatments. "I encourage everyone to be proactive in their healthcare and well-being and to make informed decisions on how to treat problems of weight control, skin issues, decline in libido, and other conditions associated with aging." 

Take charge of your health today and start looking and feeling more youthful and improve the quality of your life. What could you achieve if you felt better? With our anti-aging program you feel more like the self you used to be.

Dr. Tuakli works with patients to custom design a Longevity (Anti-Aging) program.  This includes consultations with a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.  Patients will receive a comprehensive report  “game plan” that outlines the specific supplements and vitamins needed, a personalized fitness plan, and, when appropriate, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy including Human Growth Hormone (HGH). In addition to advice on medical management of conditions that may be impacting their quality of life.

AALI promotes a natural, preventive, and regenerative approach to anti-aging.  The specific benefits of our therapies are:  more energy, less body fat, more lean muscle tissue, fewer wrinkles, faster wound healing, increased libido, improved kidney and heart function, and a strengthened immune system.  AALI is able to help you achieve these results and maintain them. For the external you we provide skin care products, hair thickening shampoo, fillers and Botulinum A.

Lifting the Veil of Menopause - A Natural Solution by Dr. Nadu A. Tuakli, Md, MPHLifting the Veil of Menopause - A Natural Solution

Dr. Tuakli's book is now available! You can buy it at the office or online. See below for an excerpt from the book and to place an order.

Menopause is a challenging and complex life process that has impacted the quality of women’s lives in ways the medical field has not yet fully come to terms with. Dr. Nadu Tuakli has written “Lifting the Veil of Menopause” (published by Xlibris) in order to address and demystify the challenges of menopause in the twenty-first century. The main focus of the book is providing women with information that will allow them to be their own best advocates on how to maintain and sustain healthy and vibrant lives as they go through the aging process. It is particularly relevant at this time when so many women of this demographic are achieving prominent leadership roles.

Dr. Tuakli writes “Let’s create a new vision of our health that looks beyond assumptions and the obvious. A vision that challenges the discourse and envisages new possibilities for a woman’s future.

This book uses real life examples drawn from Dr. Tuakli’s medical experience treating and listening to thousands of women facing hormonal challenges. This book will enlighten and inform and help lift the veil of confusion about menopause and the use of hormones. By so doing it will reduce the fear and shame that so many women seem to experience during this time of life.

Click here to order a copy!


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